Advertising with AzaAMFT

Advertising with AzAMFT

AzAMFT offers two advertising opportunities for individuals, organizations, and businesses looking to promote upcoming events, job openings, and/or resources for families and practitioners. Ads may be posted on the AzAMFT website and/or in the AzAMFT quarterly newsletter. Below are the criteria and steps for placing an ad. 

AzAMFT Website

Advertisements posted on this website include a short link on the right side of the home page and a full-size ad on a separate page (either “Upcoming Events,” “Resources,” or “Employment Opportunities” depending on the nature of the ad). Full-size ads are limited to 100 words or less, and may include links to websites and/or fliers. Ads cost $50 for 3 months for AzAMFT members, and $50 for 1 month for non-AzAMFT members. 

To place an ad on the website, please email the webmaster, Ashley Southard, and include the 100-word ad in the text of the email. Once the ad is available online, you will be contacted by our treasurer, Patti Ryan, to arrange payment for the ad. Your ad will run for 1 or 3 months, depending on your membership status, and may be renewed should you desire to do so.

AzAMFT Newsletter

Advertisements posted in the newsletter may be up to one full page (8.5″ x 11″) in size. Ads cost $15 per column inch (1″ high x 2″ wide). This rate is doubled for any portion of the ad that is a registration form, as the back of the form cannot be used for copy. The maximum size display ad at the column inch rate is a 3″ x 3″ ad. Exact use of space may vary slightly from layout to layout. Please click here for more details about advertising in the newsletter. 

To place an ad in the newsletter, please email one of our co-editors, Chad Bowman or Ed Callirgos, and include the ad in the text of the email or as an attachment. You will then be contacted by our treasurer, Patti Ryan, to arrange payment for the ad.