About AzAMFT

What is AzAMFT?

The Arizona Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AzAMFT) is the Arizona Division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). AzAMFT is the professional association for the field of marriage and family therapy in the state of Arizona.

We represent the professional interests our members throughout the state of Arizona. Since our founding in 1973, the AzAMFT has been promoting the field of marriage and family therapy as a viable alternative to other traditional methods of providing mental health services. This is accomplished through public relations campaigns, initiation and promotion of mental health-related legislation, and collaboration and cooperation with other mental health associations and managed care organizations. The AzAMFT is currently actively involved in the promotion of legislation requiring licensure of marriage and family therapists and other mental health professions in Arizona. Actions such as these not only benefit our membership but also provide benefits to the consumers of marriage and family therapy in our state.

The AzAMFT is a professional organization comprised of over 300 highly trained practitioners of mental health. Our members meet rigorous standards for education and training and are held to the highest ethical standards of the profession. Clinical Members have met the highest standards of the profession for education and clinical experience. Associate and Student membership categories are available for therapists in training for clinical practice. Members of allied professions and other persons who are interested in marriage and family therapy are eligible to become Affiliate Members.

Members of AzAMFT work in communities throughout Arizona. They are in private practice, employee assistance programs, hospitals, community mental health centers, social service agencies, managed care organizations, courts, academic positions, and religious organizations.


The Arizona Association for Marriage and Family Therapy provides the community with a relational, contextual and systemic understanding of human behavior. This approach transcends historical models which view individuals as separate from their context, like islands unto themselves. This philosophy respects and recognizes multiple perspectives of human identity and family structure. The work of Marriage and Family Therapists fills a gap that is not addressed by other disciplines.

Marriage and Family Therapists are committed to the highest standards of ethics, education, integrity and professional development. The Arizona Association for Marriage and Family Therapy values and promotes lifelong learning, innovative professional practices and research.

AzAMFT Strategic Plan

To ensure the continued growth of the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy in the State of Arizona by the following:

Goal 1: Recruitment
• Recruit LMFTs and LAMFTs eligible for membership
Coordinator – Ginger Myers

Objective 1: Each new member to receive personal greeting/welcome with orientation and benefit information (by telephone or in person) from President, Board Member & Membership Committee Chair

Objective 2: Achieve 90% or better penetration rate of LMFTs/LAMFTs as AzAMFT members through increased marketing to licensees.

Action 1: Contact and encourage non-member LMFTs to join AAMFT through mailings, personal member communication and membership incentives.

Objective 3: Develop & implement organized process to contact & recruit members on the dropped list and reinstate former members.


•Postings of new members in newsletter & website initiated
•Quarterly listings of LMFTs & LAMFTs from BBHE maintained
•Non-AzAMFT LMFTs & LAMFTs contacted via mail & phone as part of membership drive
•Developed & implemented orientation process and materials for new members to welcome new members into the MFT Family
•Achieved 85% penetration rate of LMFTs/LAMFTs

Goal 2: Development
• To Provide for retention of AAMFT membership
• Identify and inform members of MFT employment opportunities
• Develop and/or strengthen regional (chapter) networking opportunities
Coordinator – Dale Hansen

Objective 1: To develop and support local gatherings of AAMFT members in order to promote professional education, training, camaraderie and identity as MFTs.

Action 1: Develop schedule & curriculum of breakfast meetings and other professional meetings in Northern, Central & Southern Arizona.

Action 2: Encourage MFTs in rural areas to meet with each other in social or professional settings at least semi- annually.

Objective 2: Survey members and conduct focus groups to determine what programs and services will most benefit members and the profession.

Objective 3: Post local MFT employment opportunities regularly by email blasts, website and newsletter.

Action 1: Search for and post MFT jobs on the AzAMFT’s Website

Action 2: Identify employers appropriate to post jobs on AAMFT’s Job Connection

Objective 4: Develop & implement a mentoring program or groups that meet regularly to support Associate, student and new members

Action 1: Utilize bi-annual conferences to host “meet and greet” to facilitate mentoring of students, new members and Associates with Clinical members.


• AzAMFT website maintained to provide membership support and reference materials

• Development of awards for student research, papers and publications


• Non-Board Member Coordinator

Goal 3: Leadership/Volunteer Recruitment & Training
• Identify & recruit leaders for AzAMFT
Coordinator: Justin Smith

Objective 1: Develop and implement a formal plan to recruit, nominate and elect new leaders.

Objective 2: Develop effective system to implement leadership training.

Objective 3: Obtain member profile sheets from all AzAMFT members to identify each person’s interests, concerns, areas of specialization, etc.

Objective 4: Coordinate with AzAMFT president to communicate leadership opportunities to members


• New coordinator recruited

AREA 2: Supervision Education
To provide support in obtaining licensure for prospective LMFTs who are students, new Arizona residents who are AAMFT members from other states and therapists with licenses from other disciplines interested in LMFT and AAMFT by the following:
•To provide members information regarding licensure supervision.
•Develop greater opportunities and resources for members to obtain supervision.
Coordinator: Alan Asher

Objective 1: Provide support in obtaining licensure for prospective LMFTs who are students, new Arizona residents who are AAMFT members from other states and therapists with licenses from other disciplines interested in LMFT and AAMFT.

Objective 2: Compile a listing of all AAMFT and State approved MFT supervisors including supervision philosophy and fees.

Objective 3: Provide information on BBHE Exemption Requests for MFT supervision.

Objective 4: Develop MFT Supervision training courses to meet AzBBHE supervision standards.

Action 1: Provide Core Supervision Training at the Fall and Spring Conferences.

Objective 5: Plan and Develop a Foundation that will provide training and supervision for graduating MFT students.


•New coordinator recruited

•New supervision committee members recruited

AREA 3: Advocacy
To identify and promote issues advancing the marriage and family therapy profession by the following:

Goal 1: Legislature
• Develop liaison with regulatory board
• Identification & Prioritization of advocacy issues
Coordinator – Karen Shaver

Objective 1: Monitor and maintain involvement in the BBHE activities in order to monitor changes in rules, procedures and to advocate for AAMFT members seeking licensure.

Action 1: Develop a liaison with the BBHE who will attend BBHE meetings and advocate for member concerns.

Action 2: Communicate changes in BBHE statues and rules to the AAMFT membership through the division website, e-mail and newsletter.

Objective 2: Identify areas of the law currently increasing difficulty of MFTs obtaining licensure and develop formal plan to address those areas of the law

Objective 3: Identify and prioritize legislative advocacy initiatives specific to Arizona MFTs and identified by survey responses

Objective 4: Develop & implement formal process for to address advocacy initiatives


• 5 committee members on BBHE MFT committee

• BBHE Credentialing Committee member recruited

• New coordinator recruited

Goal 2: Public Awareness
•Increase the public’s awareness of the specialty of marriage and family therapy
Coordinator: Mary Doyle

Objective 1: Develop public relations committee, including website and newsletter resources

Objective 2: Develop liaisons with faculty advisors to student organizations (ASU, UA, NAU, Ottawa, UOP)


• New coordinator recruited

AREA 4: Internal Business and Operational Processes
To ensure efficient administrative and financial process by the following:
•Develop fundraising strategies and capture non-dues revenues equal to or greater than 10 percent of annual budget
Coordinator – Frances Bernfeld

Objective 1: Explore the development of 501-C3 Corporation that can accept contributions towards building an AzAMFT Training Institute and other educational public service activities.

Action 1: Coordinate with AAMFT to utilize available resources and expertise

Objective 2: Identify fundraising opportunities/activities

Objective 3: Identify legal resources to provide understanding of Arizona fundraising laws

Objective 4: Explore possible direct solicitations from potential sponsors or parties interested in advertising with AzAMFT


• Budget developed and monitored (added to operational plan)

• Professional audit pursued (added to operational plan)


• Non-board member coordinator